Buy Gold Mining Stocks, Shares, Futures, EFTs and Options - Alternative Ways Of Investing In Gold!

Gold Coins Are Just One Method Of Building Up Your Gold Portfolio... 

Buy gold mining stocks, shares, futures, EFTs and options as an alternative to actually buying gold itself directly and yet still benefit from its rise in value! On this page, we'll look at alternative methods of buying gold. Gold coins are just one method of adding gold to your portfolio. There are several other methods too:

1. Buy Gold Mining Stocks - Gold mining stocks should increase as the base value of gold as a commodity rises. Remember that all ships rise with the tide but understanding how to evaluate a gold mining stock will sharply increase your ability to pick the best gold mining stocks (these should outperform the industry average).

2. Buy Gold Investment/Mutual Funds - If you would rather leave the stock picking to the experts then consider purchasing a gold investment/mutual fund to let others do the hard work when you buy gold mining stocks. 

3. Buy Gold Bars - This is often over-looked but pure gold can be purchased in bar form.

4. Gold Futures & Options - If you're an experienced trader then you may wish to consider trading in gold options/futures as an alternative way to buy gold mining stocks.

5. Additional ways to own gold include Jewelry & gold certificates.

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How Can You Pick The Gold Stocks That Are Going To Outperform The Rest? 

Discover how to analyse a gold mining stock to isolate the fakes from the gems! 

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