Buying and Selling Gold Coins And Other Investments in Gold - An Introduction

A Brief History Of Gold – And How It Has Been The World's Most Wanted Commodity For Thousands Of Years!

Buying and selling gold coins and gold in general as a way of building a fortune is nothing new. Gold has been a star performer in the portfolios of some of the wealthiest dynasties in the history of mankind. Just a few of the many families who have used gold to build their incredible wealth include the DuPonts (who now own a massive chemical business), the Rothschilds (once upon a time the richest people in the world), the (JP) Morgans and Egypt’s royal Farouk family. We could go on and on forever about more family empires who owe their core wealth to gold but there’s no need - the bottom line is that investment in gold, including buying and selling gold coins, has always given a sensational return over the centuries – and statistically it has put stocks, real estate and bonds well and truly in their place. In uncertain times such as we are experiencing now, gold really comes into its own as a holder of value in comparison to paper money and other assets.

  Want some proof that gold has created staggering wealth in recent times? Consider these startling facts:


·         During the 1960's investment in gold brought about average annual returns of 100%.

·         Between 1972 and 1974 gold saw increases of 350% (while the stock market was heading desperately south).

·         Then between 1976 to 1980 gold brought investors an average of 300% per year.

·         Gold saw annual increases of 340% between 1987 & 1989.

·         Even now, the average investor keeps piling into real estate, stocks & bonds - completely unaware that certain types of gold have been outperforming their risky holdings every year since 2000 (and the last couple of years have seen double returns over stocks). And as you're about to discover, we're right at the start of something very big...

It’s interesting to note that the earliest record of gold being used as a form of money/investment occurred as early as 700BC. Since this time, all cultures and races throughout the world have craved to own gold – and many centuries on this precious metal has gone from strength to strength.

In the present time, gold is an attractive commodity to hold because it’s price is seeing a general upward trend (and many experts agree that this is set to continue for many years to come, for example at the top financial publication Money Week, which regularly expounds on the virtues of gold). It’s possible to own gold for a relatively modest outlay e.g. by buying and selling gold coins and so most people have the means to invest in it. Gold also brings with it a certain beauty and status symbol that most other investments simply cannot compare to - and in contrast to most paper money, it can be exchanged anywhere in the world.

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